We develop critical success indicators well in early stages of the engagement on which we measure and track the capability development besides triple constraints of scope, schedule and cost leaving the customer with no surprises, but with predictability and certainty when it comes to the end product.

We offer the following outsourcing models to support your business objectives.

  • nano softechnologies Strategic IT partner model
  • nano softechnologies BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) Model
  • nano softechnologies off shoring development centre (ODC) model


wraps up by reiterating that a client engagement model is a structured plan for engaging with clients. Organizations that create a model focused on client centrality are interested in the wants, needs, and interests of their clients. In general, the model should consider all aspects of the client lifecycle.


Fixed Price Model: Based on when the project scope is well defined by the buyer and buyer wants to limit time and cost exposure.
Offsite / Offshore:Based on when the client wants to achieve higher value for the better cost proposition.
Time & Material: Based on when project requirements are likely to progress and specialized skills required for a period of time on client specific need